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Recover Kit

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Training: functional fitness

Location: Denver

Mike Aidala

  • Founder MAST Method, Mike Aidala Performance Lifestyle Coaching

  • Competitive Strongman

  • Ultra Marathoner

  • Single Arm Overhead Squat PR: 315 Lbs

  • Single Leg Box Jump PR: 49in

The challenge

When you’re putting in the work and training hard, the only way to sustain high performance is by putting the same time and effort into your post-workout routine. Recovery can take on a multitude of meanings in the fitness space. But whether you’re moving through some static stretching, plugging into a pair of Normatec Boots, or hopping into an ice bath, you still need the right gear to help you finish strong.

The Recovery Crew and Pant have you covered for all of your cool down and recovery needs. Constructed with comfortable, double knit, no-pill fabric and a permanent anti-odor treatment, our new after-training essentials have been put through the wringer to ensure they won’t shrink, pill, or sustain damage over time.

To put the kit to the test, we collaborated with four of our athletes who invest as much into their recovery as they do their training. The verdict was conclusive: there is no better combination of garments in the game to keep your muscles warm, keep you comfortable, and help you get the most out of your session after the work is done.

Mike Aidala has seemingly done it all. In the last decade alone, he’s conquered the disciplines of competitive strongman competitions and ultramarathons, worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the New York Jets, and completed his 500 hour yoga teacher training. A master of mobility and breathwork, Mike prefers to reset after a hard session with Yin Yoga and meditation.


Dynamic movements - complete each movement for 20 yards down/back

  • Jog down, backpedal back
  • Skip down, skip backwards
  • Shuffle down, shuffle backwards
  • Leg hug - 5 reps/side
  • Leg cradle - 5 reps/side
  • World's greatest stretch - 5 reps/side
  • Inverted hamstring stretch - 5 reps/leg
  • Air squat - 20 reps
  • Pushups - 20 reps
  • Lunge and reach - 5 reps/eg
  • Handstand - 1 min hold

Main Set A:

Med Ball wall work: 3 rounds

  • Rotational throws into wall - 10 reps
  • Single leg toss - 10 reps
  • Overhead toss - 10 reps

Main Set B:

Strength: 3 rounds

  • Banded single arm chin up - 4 reps/arm
  • Split squats - 8 reps/leg

Main Set C:

Core: 3 sets

  • Hollow rocks - 25 reps
  • Straddle toes to bar - 10 reps

Main Set D:

Strength: 3 rounds

  • Bent over row - 10 reps
  • Squat > lunge > step up 6 reps/leg


  • Pistol squats - 50 reps/leg


  • Mike’s recovery modality of choice includes yin yoga with breathwork and meditation. One of his favorite progressions includes:
    • Pigeon pose - 10 breaths each leg
    • Spinal twist - 10 breaths each side
    • Legs Up the wall - 10 breaths
    • Back extension stretch over medball - 10 breaths
    • Repeat as needed
  • Breathwork:
    • 10 rounds of box breathing
    • 10 rounds of cadence breath
  • Savasana 5 minutes

The Verdict


When I put this thing on for the first time, I just wanted to slow down. It can be naturally hard for me to relax, but having this gear helps my mind and body heal so I can come back and perform better the next day. Recovery is all about getting your nervous system to relax so you can recharge from the inside out, the comfort, fit, premium quality and durability of this recovery capsule helps me drop into that space of calm.

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Field Test:
Recover Kit

Michael Chernow

Training: functional fitness

Location: New York City

"The crew and sweatpants are the first thing I throw on right after a session"