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**Free Shipping** – All Orders

One In

Photo of product packaging

Every time you purchase something from us, we give you the chance to declutter your workout drawer in an environmentally responsible way.

One Out

One In / One Out diagram

Send us back any training gear past its useful life to be recycled and as a thank you receive 10% off your next order with us.

Here’s How
It Works

  1. One In/One Out Kit

    Add the One In/One Out kit to your order by ticking the approriate box in your CART.

  2. Mailer

    You’ll receieve a One In/One Out kit with order. Pack all gear to be recycled into One In/One Out mailer.

  3. Shipping Label

    Attach the included shipping label addressed to Clifton, NJ to the front of the One In/One Out Mailer.

  4. Shipping

    Drop off the packed mailer with the shipper shown on the label.

  5. 10% Discount

    Our partner 2Rewear will recycle your gear and you’ll receive a discount code for 10% off your next order with us.

Close the loop.

In a world of fast fashion and planned obsolescence, we’ve decided to take a different approach. By reducing a piece to its essence, we design timeless gear for the widest range of use. It’s our way of avoiding waste and excess in the design process. But all gear wears out eventually, so just as we try to eliminate waste upfront, One In / One Out is our effort to close the loop and prevent our apparel from becoming landfill waste at the end of its life.