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Distance Shirt

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Featherweight and ultra-breathable for all high sweat, high intensity training.

> Features

  • Premium featherweight Italian fabric
  • Micro-ventilation for breathability
  • Silver ion anti-odor treatment
  • Anti-chafe seams
  • Minimalist, no-bulk construction

> Tech specs

  • 100% Polyester microfiber
  • 95 GSM
  • Polygiene anti-odor fabric treatment
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The Distance Shirt’s featherweight, no-cling fabric—made by one of Italy’s best performance textile mills—wicks sweat and dries fast to stay out of your way. Treated with silver ions for permanent odor control, the shirt will be good to go day after day.

Flyweight Performance

Flyweight Performance

Micro-eyelets in the featherweight fabric—sourced from one of Italy’s best performance textile mills—promote breathability and quick drying to keep you comfortable in every session. Low-bulk overlock seams prevent chafing, so how much you suffer is left to how hard you work.

Permanently Stink-Free

Permanently Stink-Free

A permanent silver-ion treatment blocks the growth of odor-causing bacteria and, unlike other treatments that can wash out after a few uses, our finish lasts for the life of the product. So no matter what you put it through, you can wear your favorite shirt to every workout, even if you leave it in your bag for a couple of days.

Premium Everything

Premium Everything

Big brands operate in very cost constrained environments because of their wholesale business model. Because we’re direct-to-consumer we invest in the highest quality fabrics, trims, and techniques that the other guys just can’t afford to use.

Flyweight Performance

Flyweight Performance

Permanently Stink-Free

Permanently Stink-Free

Premium Everything

Premium Everything

Field Test:
Distance Shirt

We let our gear's performance speak for itself. Working with a team of core athletes, we put it through the ringer to ensure it stands up to every challenge. Welcome to ground zero of product testing.

Adam Klink

Product: Interval Short, Distance Shirt

Training: crossfit

Location: Virginia

"After putting them through a variety of barbell movements, these shorts are also unbelievably durable. Not a tear, snag, or signs of wear."

In Action

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