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The All-New

Endurance Shorts


These are our lightest, most breathable shorts. With a built in liner and a 5” inseam, they will keep you moving through anything you get into. We designed them with long runs in mind, but we think they're also perfect for sprints, HIIT, rows, yoga—just about any high-sweat training. Continue to scroll down to learn more about how these shorts were designed and developed.

An interactive research and development program where you test and we refine Ten Thousand gear.

Here’s how it works:
You save on new gear, train in Field Test gear, let us know what you think, and we'll perfect the gear

We’re aiming to create the best possible performance essentials and it makes sense to us that the people we’re designing for should be involved in that process. Part of this is working with all of you on real world wear testing through limited runs of Field Test prototypes. These products are pretty dialed in but with your feedback we’ll make them perfect. Pick up an Endurance Short now for 15 % off and lend a hand with our final stage of development.