Field Test:

Seamless Shirt

Our Better Than Yesterday mission fuels everything from our workout plans to our product development. We work with our core team of athletes to constantly test experimental prototypes, fabrics, fits, and a long list of new features. For our latest shirt fabric, we want even more feedback. That’s why we're asking you to help us put it through a scaled wear test.

With a Field Test Seamless Shirt, you’ll receive our latest prototype ready to be put to the test. By using the most advanced techniques and packing the shirt with key tech features, we’ve designed our Seamless Shirt prototype in a way that solves for the pain points of our competitor's seamless offerings. However, while we may think that, your opinion is what matters – not ours. After you put the shirt through the wringer, we’ll reach out for feedback, and that feedback will help inform how we continue to expand and improve our shirt lineup.

To get the best feedback we can, these shirts are being sold at cost – no markup, no profit. With this limited edition prototype, our number one priority is to work with our community to test new products and to ensure they exceed your needs and expectations. Let’s build something better, together.

Seamless Shirt Field Test

$64 Sale price
Tech Specs:
  • Fabric content: 55% Nylon / 45% Polyester
  • Fabric weight: 199 gsm
  • Duomix yarn 
  • Durable seamless non-mesh zones
  • Seamless heat reduction zones
  • Permanent Anti-Odor

What Makes Ours Different


Most seamless shirts have fake mesh holes. Our Seamless Shirt was made on an advanced TR1 Seamless Knit Machine, which allows real mesh hole construction in high sweat zones for enhanced breathability.

Shape Retention

Over time, seamless shirts are known to stretch out. Our Seamless Shirt’s advanced design incorporates stability construction to prevent it from losing shape.


Seamless shirts often feel too tight if they do not properly contour the body. Over three million individually plotted stitches allowed us to construct the perfect fit.


Many athletes find seamless shirts too thin and quick to tear. Our shirt’s durable seamless non-mesh zones stand up to your toughest workouts.


Sweat and Odor

Other seamless shirts retain sweat which not only causes odor, but makes the shirt heavy, often contributing to its loss of shape. Our Seamless Shirt is moisture wicking and has a permanent anti-odor treatment.

Range of Motion

We chose a raglan sleeve for increased range of motion to make our Seamless Shirt even more comfortable and functional than most restrictive seamless options.


What does final sale mean?

Final sale means that for this item, no returns nor exchanges will be accepted.

Why is the Seamless Shirt on final sale?

Because of the nature of a prototype product, we expect occasional variations in expected sizing compared to our final version products such as the Durable or Versatile Shirt. To make up for this and to thank you for being part of this field test, we made the Seamless Shirt available to you at-cost, meaning you're paying the same price we paid to produce it. In addition, since we have no plans to release another set of these specific prototypes, we would not be able to resell any units we would normally return back to inventory. While we normally allow a full 90 days from purchase to process your return/exchange, due to these circumstances, the Seamless Shirt will remain on final sale.

Why is there no size XL Seamless Shirt available?

Another caveat to the prototyping process is production minimums needed to produce our gear. Because this product is being made in a very limited run, and our XL sizes are normally the least-demanded size of the range of Small through XL, we were unable to add a size XL for the Seamless Shirt. If this prototype is successful and results in a market-ready Seamless Shirt, you can rest assured that we will release it with XL sizing available.