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Field Test:
Foundation Short

Product: Foundation Short, Essential Shirt

Training: strength

Location: Sacramento

Cody Allen

  • Squat PR: 605lbs
  • Resistance Training Sessions Per Week: 5
  • Boxing Sessions Per Week: 4
  • Optimum Nutrition Athlete
  • 2009-2012: Sacramento State Football

The challenge

The Foundation Short is built to stand up to the wear-and-tear of the hardest workouts. Every element of the short ensures bombproof durability over the long haul, no matter how you wear it. To get the most out of athletes like Cody, whose workouts range from dynamic MMA sessions to powerlifting, distractions aren’t an option. To put that promise to the test, we set Cody up with a pair of shorts that are ready for any type of challenge as he took on a punishing workout.


  • Jog 1/2 mile
  • A Skips: 4x10 yards  
  • B Skips: 4x10 yards
  • C Skips: 4x10 yards
  • Lateral Shuffles: 4x10 yards
  • Toe Touches: 4x10 yards
  • High Knees: 4x10 yards
  • Butt Kicks: 4x10 yards  
  • Striders: 40 Yards
  • Push Up Sprints: 4x20 yards



Superset A:
• Standing DB Shoulder Press 4x15
• Plate Car Drivers 4x20

Superset B:
• Chin Ups 4x15
• Push Ups 4x20

Superset C:
• Dumbbell RDL's 4x15 each leg
• DB Bulgarian Split Squat 4x15 each leg

Superset D:
• Dumbbell Thrusters 4x15
• Burpees 4x15


• 60 Yard Shuttles 12 sets (60 seconds between each set) 3 min rest
• Stadiums 4 sets there and back 3 min rest
• Weighted Lunges 2x100 yards (60 seconds rest between sets) 3 min rest
• Slammers 2x100 yards 3 min rest
• Med Ball Throws 2x100 yards 3 min rest
• Broad Jump Burpee 2x100 yards 3 min rest
• Farmers Carry (45lbs plate each hand) 2x100 yards 3 min rest
• Sled Push 2x100 yards 3 min rest
• Sled Pulls 2x100 yards 5 min rest
• 110 Yard Sprints 16 reps under 20 seconds

The Verdict


The shorts stand up through any type of work. When I’m lifting, they have the most give throughout the entirety of the lift, and when I’m in my MMA sessions, they handle all my punches, kicks, jumps and shuffles I could possibly throw at them. I may be drenched in sweat after, but the shorts are good to go for even more rounds.

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Field Test:
Foundation Short

Scott Mathison

Product: Foundation Short

Training: functional fitness

Location: San Diego

"I wear these shorts every day and plan to keep wearing them."