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The only workout shorts
you’ll ever need



Range of motion, breathability, and permanent odor control to help you get the most out of every session

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Weightlifting powder

Durability and flexibility for the wear and tear of your daily reps

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Lightweight and minimal so it fades away the moment you hit the road, track, or treadmill

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What performance apparel should be.

Pared down for performance

We’re doing one thing—essential gear designed for performance. Instead of chasing fads, we believe in going to the back basics of classic quality and technical proficiency, and constantly iterating our way to the best gear possible. For us, less is so much more. It’s everything.

Designed for function

We invest 100 percent in delivering nothing but the gear you need for a great workout, however you train. That’s why each piece is designed to meet the unique functional demands of one of the three core ways we train—Endurance Training, Cross Training, and Strength Training. This purpose-driven design yields the highest quality products.

Optimized for you

We’re all different—from how we train to how like our clothes to fit and feel. The solution: incorporating smart fit and feature options into everything we build so you can find the gear that meets your needs. No more cutting out liners that don’t work or compromising on design or function to get something that fits. Our goal is to create the best fitting, most comfortable, and highest performing gear available, whatever that means to you.

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