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At the heart of Ten Thousand is the idea of pursuit. In business, fitness, and life, we believe in moving forward with a quiet dedication to constant improvement.

There are no flashbulbs at the end of our runs, no microphones shoved in our face after a set. No loudspeakers, crowds, or national anthems ringing in our ears. All that awaits is another mile, another rep, another shot at your personal best and eventually, a better, stronger you.

Fitness With Purpose

We train for the resilience to handle whatever life throws our way, or as one friend put it, “to become mentally and physically indestructible”. We believe the best way to get there is a combination of endurance training, cross training, and strength training. There’s no secret formula, no one right way for every person, just a framework for getting strong, staying healthy, and living a long life. So, we’ve created a system of gear that perfectly meets the unique needs of all the ways you train. It isn’t designed to make you stand out in a crowd, and it’s not designed for post-workout selfies. It’s sole purpose is to handle anything the day calls for.

Better Than Yesterday

And we’re still working on it. Better Than Yesterday is a manifesto we live by at Ten Thousand. Whether that’s looking for how we can take our gear to the next level, staying up-to-date on the latest performance fabrics, or simply getting our products out to you faster, we’re improving and growing every day. In fact, the only thing that will never change is our commitment to total transparency and improvement. We’ll continue to share each part of our journey, and only ask for your honest feedback in return. Together we’ll keep improving and chasing down what’s just out of reach, for the moment.