"I run to free the mind. I run to expand the mind.

I run to connect disparate ideas and catalyze new ones.

This collection is built for those who tap into this wavelength whether on a short afternoon jog to revive your mood or a long run that expands your soul. This space we create is sacred and something to be cherished. I honor this enlightened state with free association ideas of my own. Soundbites from podcast guests, calls from friends, news headlines, novels, commercials, music, and everything in between. Join me by tapping into a free association run."

- Rich Roll


We believe in the less is more view of sustainable gear. From our fabrics to our packaging, we’ve worked to source some of the most sustainable options out there without sacrificing performance. Will this kit check every box and solve the big issues we face? No, but we do know it’s pushing in the right direction and part of our journey to become Better Than Yesterday.