Joe Diver

Renowned for crafting transformative brand, design, and user experiences for iconic brands like BMW and Rimowa, London-based graphic designer Joe Diver is no stranger to the Better Than Yesterday mentality.

His dedication to constantly improving his craft is a testament to his persistence and “Chase Progression” mindset. Printed in an ultra-limited run with graphics that blend sleek, minimalist design and avant-garde detailing, explore the Joe Diver Edition bwlow.

“In the pursuit of excellence, each sunrise becomes a canvas upon which we create our aspiration. Better Than Yesterday is a mantra that echoes the heartbeat of progress, a rhythmic cadence urging us forward to ‘Chase Progression.’ This design concept is not just a garment, but a wearable affirmation, a reminder that everyday holds the promise of surpassing yesterday’s accomplishments.”

Joe Diver


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