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We all have a place that embodies who we are, what we believe, what we’ve accomplished, and where we’re going. Whether it’s where we've spent most of our lives, where we won our first competition, or where we ran our first race, humans develop an intangible relationship with the locales that have shaped them. Paying homage to the cities that have shaped us as a brand, as a community, and as people, our City Series limited-edition collection gives you the opportunity to rep the places that matter.

A unique mix of Hollywood glamour and natural beauty, Los Angeles has a vibe like no other. 300 sunny days a year make the City of Angels an athlete's paradise. Whether you're pounding the pavement on La Cienega, hiking the hills of Griffith Park, or crushing beach workouts in Santa Monica, the city's diverse landscape provides endless opportunities to get outside and get after it. Our LA City Series collection celebrates the people and places that make the sprawling expanse of highways, trailheads, bike paths, and beach piers something truly magical. Kit up now and rep your city from Bel Air to Brentwood - and check out where our LA athletes like to get after it.

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Erik Valiente

A marathoner, coach, and community organizer, Erik Valiente founded the non-profIt, BlacklistLA, to promote cultural awareness, local discovery, and civic pride through running.

"Mid City is my favorite place to run in LA. Along my daily route, I'm rewarded with unique shops and street vendors, eye-catching murals, a nicely maintained golf course, and pocket parks for a strength session. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, the Mid City area represents how I view the City of Angels."


Carter credits LA's diverse landscape with giving him a competitive edge. From CrossFit to Obstacle Course Racing and the Underwater Torpedo League, he's ready for anything and everything.

"I love to train on the rings and bars in Santa Monica. It’s a perfect opportunity to build my grip strength while also working on my shoulder and thoracic mobility. Plus, training barefoot in the sand gives me a chance to supercharge my cells and feel closer to nature."


A professional fighter, world champion grappler, and Bellator MMA veteran, Ian Butler not only lives in LA but owns local spot and nationally recognized gym, Silverback Wrestling Club.

"Running to the top of the Culver City stairs is the best workout and you get to see every part of LA. Each part has its own unique culture. You can also get a good workout once you make it to the top with the most amazing view."

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