Your Exclusive Benefits

At Ten Thousand, we believe in pushing ourselves hard. We don’t believe in excuses, and we don’t take no for an answer. As a Building member in our now-sunsetted Team Rewards program, you’ve embodied the same mentality, and we want to reward you.

You’ve now unlocked a set of perks and experiences that we don’t offer to most people. There’s a reason this tier is hidden: because we only want to reward our most important customers – and that includes you. As a thank you for your commitment, you now have access to a set of benefits that few others do. See below for more info, and keep your eyes peeled for other exclusive offers and experiences.

  1. Extra 30 days for returns and exchanges
    1. Follow our standard returns procedure, and email for assistance if needed.
  2. Early access to sales

  3. Early access to product launches


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