Fit by Khalil Rountree

Raised on MTV in the late 90s, UFC Light Heavyweight contender Khalil Rountree has developed a personal style that, like the man himself, reflects a diverse array of inspiration. From metal bands and music videos to Fred Durst and more, Khalil’s sense of style was molded by personalities and entertainers that went against the grain, carved out their own niches, and became icons.

“I’m a physical person - I express myself through movement and competition. That’s why I always go for clothing that can both send a message and stand up to my training and active lifestyle.”

We visited Khalil at his home in Las Vegas and talked about his journey, as he mixed some of his favorite designer pieces with Ten Thousand gear to create some unique looks that showcase his clean, yet edgy style. See more from the shoot and shop Khalil’s fit below.

Khalil’s Fit