FOS 24 Hours Tread FAQ

What are you doing?

Attempting 3 world records:
1. Furthest distance run in 24 hours on a manual treadmill
2. Furthest distance run in 12 hours on a manual treadmill
3. Fastest 100 miles on a manual treadmill

Has it been done before?

Nope, this is the first time these have been attempted.

Why are you doing this?

I am motivated by things that my first impression is “Wow, that seems really
hard” and it is really cool to think about doing something for the first time ever. I
am also at a really cool place in my running career that I can use my talent and
ambition to find a way to give back to charity, like the Lifetime Foundation.

How many miles are you aiming for in 24 hours?

Anything over 80 miles will be a World record but my goal is to hit 130 miles.

How do you prevent getting bored?

Lots of mental training leading up to the event and a strategy for event day
including music, audiobooks, movies, recordings from friends and family, the
treadmill next to me, and the support of the team that is brave enough to be here
with me.

How long have you been running?

I ran my first running race in 2009 which was a half marathon and my first
ultra was 50 miles in 2014.

What got you into ultra-running?

I like pushing my limits and got tired of triathlons.

How long have you been training for this event?

I have had this event in mind all year, running three races over 100 miles
leading up to this. All of my training since August have been on the Assault Runner.

What is the furthest you have run on the Assault Runner?

40 miles

What is the furthest you have ever run?

153 miles
Have you run for 24 hours before?
Yes, 7 times!
How do you go to the bathroom?

I will carefully stop the treadmill and take bathroom breaks when needed.
Can you take breaks?
Yes, but the clock doesn’t stop.
Is it harder than a regular treadmill?
Yes, it is all self-powered. It is pretty much like constantly running on a slight
Is it harder than running outside?
It depends, it definitely has made me a faster runner when I go outside.
What do you think about for so long?
Anything to keep my mind off of the singular task of running. I like to watch
shows, movies, sports, audiobooks, or thinking about fun times with people close to
What is your favorite thing to eat while you run?
Baby Ruth Bar. For the attempt I am going to rely primarily on liquid calories.