The Set Short has been carefully crafted with a team of core athletes to seamlessly transition between water and land. Made with an ultra water-repellent shell, a quick-drying liner, and a secure pocket system, this short is guaranteed to stay lightweight, cling-free, and fully functional anywhere you go, making it perfect for a serious training session, an ocean or pool workout, or when you need to pack light for your next trip.

Set Short


The ultimate amphibious short.


  • Water repellent and quick drying
  • Chlorine and salt water resistant for long-term durability
  • Ultralight and minimal waistband for low profile in water
  • Four-way stretch shell for max range of motion
  • Permanent silver ion anti-odor treatment, medium compression liner
  • 6.5” inseam for mobility
  • Perfect pocket system for secure storage
  • Lightweight and breathable for comfort through every session
  • Bonded hems for no-bulk, lightweight performance

Tech specs

  • 85% Nylon / 15% Spandex
  • 142 GSM
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Developed & Tested by Core Athletes


Like all of our products, the Set Short was built by high performers, for high performers. Working with a diverse group of core athletes who are always on the move, we spent countless hours obsessing over every detail of the shorts to make sure they were the perfect combination of a training short and a swim short. Swim shorts don’t breathe and are too uncomfortable to perform in an actual workout. And standard training shorts aren’t set up to perform in the water and take too long to dry. Finding the right mix of materials to make this product come to life was the result of extensive testing and a long list of rejected alternatives that did not make the cut. The result of this work is a perfect amphibian. From the beach to the pool to the road, it’s the only short that will be able to match your intensity in water and on land.

“We tested hundreds of fabrics and trims internally and with our team of athletes to ensure that every aspect of this short would dry quickly and that it wouldn’t get weighed down or chafe when wet. The shell fabric, for example, just beads off water and dries faster than anything we have seen before. From the main fabric to the small details like the inside of the waistband and drawcord tips, we were obsessive about getting all the details right.”
-Travis Wright, VP of Product


Developed with a team of core athletes whose workouts take them from land to water and back again, and whose professions and lifestyles take them around the world, every detail of the Set Short was tested and optimized to perfectly meet the diverse needs of these athletes and high performers like them.


Throughout the process, we received tons of feedback from the wear testing team. However, every athlete led with one dominant comment: A great hybrid short has to be incredibly quick drying. This is a must when in the water, but it is also necessary in the gym or on the go (so you can wash them in the sink, if needed). We put the shorts through weeks of testing to make sure they followed through on their purpose everywhere our team took them.


A former Marine Raider and military Water Survival Instructor, Don Tran has developed water training methods for other Marines that build up their water confidence, physiological performance, and mental toughness. Now, as Co-Founder and Master Trainer at Deep End Fitness, Don designs, orchestrates, and leads intense aquatic training workouts for athletes ranging from MMA fighters to Olympic swimmers. From his time in the Marines to today, Don is constantly in and out of the water, moving from underwater training to dry-ground sessions rapidly. As a CrossFit Level 1 and RFT Level 1 certified trainer, Don leads workouts that take him from the pool to the gym – and back again.

“As a land-based and aquatic fitness instructor, it’s amazing to have a pair of shorts that can accommodate both arenas of training."


Oahu native Nolan Omura has grown up in and around the water. A photographer and videographer who captures content on – if not under – the water, Nolan has been bodysurfing and swimming since he was a child. In recent years, he’s taken his water training further, focusing on avid freediving and underwater rock running. A native Hawaiian who has spent his whole life just steps from the ocean, Nolan spends as much time on the water as he does land and requires gear that is equally at home in both.

“Living on an island, I'm constantly going from the mountains to the ocean. These shorts perform extremely well above the clouds or beneath the surface."


From serving as a Navy SEAL to competing in MMA and open-water swimming competitions, Kaj Larsen has endured grueling missions and competed in elite athletic events around the world. As a Lieutenant in the Navy SEALs, Kaj led a team of special warfare personnel in covert operations overseas. In addition to his combat experience, the award-winning filmmaker and war correspondent – who has covered war zones and conflict hotspots around the world – is an accomplished athlete. Not only is he a two-time national champion open-water swimmer who placed third in the Escape from Alcatraz duathlon, but he is also a practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a frequent competitor in mixed martial arts competitions, and a Co-Founder of CrossFit Santa Monica. Whether in the open water or a CrossFit box, Kaj is a dominant athlete, competitor, and fighter.

“I need shorts that can perform in any environment. There’s 10 million board shorts and 10 million workout shorts, but there’s nothing that’s married the two perfectly until now.”


As a former Marine Raider, Rick’s time in combat took him from rooftops in Afghanistan to amphibious operations around the world. Now, as a water training instructor at Deep End Fitness, Rick spends his time training athletes to improve their mental focus and strength by helping them build the determination needed to complete difficult movements underwater. Constantly striving to perpetuate growth in his trainees through the core principles of mental focus, the economy of motion, and efficient breathing, Rick spurs adaptations in the people he trains by pushing their mental and physical limits as they move across modalities and landscapes.

“With the Set Short, I never felt restricted during swims or when performing movements that require squatting, jumping or stretching. These shorts are, without a doubt, the best training and swim shorts I've ever worn.”


A professional adventurer and traveler, Eric Hinman’s nomadic lifestyle has taken him to some of the world’s most interesting locales. Whether he’s pounding the pavement on the Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway in Kona, Hawaii or bombing down backcountry trails on his mountain bike through the Colorado Rockies, he makes the most out of his trips by spending hours every day training in the local environment, no matter the circumstances. As a five-time Ironman Triathlon finisher and two-time Ironman World Championship qualifier, he’s as at home on the water as he is on land. A believer that less is always more in his on-the-go lifestyle, Eric demands gear that delivers everything he needs and nothing he doesn’t, and gear that can seamlessly adapt to his next adventure wherever that may be.

"Testing the Set Short proved to me that I’ve finally found the gear that is ready for every single new adventure, challenge and environment I can throw at it.”


Dozens of prototypes and countless hours of wear testing fueled the development of our Set Short, but the project began with a single objective: Create a short that’s at home both in the water and in the gym. To do this, every component of the Set Short was carefully chosen to integrate the major needs of a great training short — lightweight, breathable, and supportive — with the needs of a great swim short — quick drying, chlorine and salt water resistant, and great pockets. The result: training shorts that will keep pace through the hardest sessions and the longest runs, while performing like a swim short when you hit the water.

Quick Drying,
Versatile Shell

To simultaneously deliver a best-in-class training short and swim short, we needed a shell that not only had a super fast dry time, but also had the mobility, breathability, and comfort to perform in the gym. Made from a premium, hydrophobic fabric, the Set Short shell delivers the features and functionality needed for a perfect hybrid short.

  • Four-way stretch for complete range of motion in any session  
  • Water repellent and quick drying to transition easily from water to land
  • Chlorine and salt water resistant for long-term durability
  • Ultralight and minimal waistband, hems, and drawstring for a low profile in the water
  • 6.5” inseam for mobility in and out of the water
  • Breathable for comfort through every session


In some ways, the Set Short was designed from the inside out. We started by making sure we produced a product that would be functional going from a swim directly into a hard training session. That means that one of the most important features for the short was a liner that was quick drying, super comfortable, and supportive in every training session. Our premium Italian warp knit liner delivers all this and more.  

  • No chafing guaranteed, even when soaking wet
  • Medium compression for support without ever feeling tight or restricting
  • Lightweight and breathable for comfort through every session
  • Quick drying to transition easily from water to land
  • Silver ion-treated for permanent odor control
  • Chlorine and salt water resistant for long term durability


The Set Short was designed for life on the move and needs to be able to store all your stuff along the way. To do this, we made sure the pocket system on the Set Short is able to keep pace and keep your phone, cash, and keys secure, whether on a run down to the beach or on an adventure in a remote destination. And to make sure nothing slows you down, all pockets are built with super durable mesh to prevent water retention.

  • Open hip pockets for easy access when on the go
  • Dedicated phone pocket to keep your device secure, stationary, and bounce-free
  • Zip rear pocket to securely stash cash and cards
  • Internal key loop to keep your keys safely attached and out of the way


The Ten Thousand Pro Line is a collection of gear designed for the needs of specialized training. The Set Short is the first addition to this collection and has been developed to be the best-in-class train/swim hybrid short capable of seamlessly transitioning between the gym, road, pool, and beach.

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