The second release in our Tactical Line, inspired and co-created by members of the U.S. Special Operations community, the Tactical Pant was diligently designed with the durability and functionality you need for a long ruck or a day on the range while still maintaining an understated aesthetic for everyday wear. Every inch of the Tactical Pant was purpose built for optimal performance anywhere and everywhere.

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Military training is about being ready for unpredictability and it requires gear that is equally prepared. By working with former Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, Army Rangers and Green Berets to develop our Tactical Pant, we’ve seen first hand the importance of versatility, resiliency, and functionality in each and every aspect of these men’s physically demanding lives. From training in the gym or on the range, to professional and personal life, our team of tactical athletes demands gear that can keep up and transition just as fast as they can. After months of close collaboration, we’re incredibly excited to launch the second product in our Special Operations tested and vetted Tactical Line with a pant as adaptable, resilient, and unique as the impressive group of men who inspired them.

greg putnam

After 10 years in the Special Operations Forces, former Navy SEAL Greg Putnam is an archery hunter, fly fisher and backcountry explorer. He is most notably the president and rancher of Little Belt Cattle Company, a combat veteran owned and operated Montana cattle ranch dedicated to raising high quality cattle using regenerative ranching practices to more efficiently use natural resources and reduce negative impacts on the environment.


Mike O'Dowd is the founder of Defense Strategies Group, a Special Operations led training and security company. Mike spent over 9 years in Naval Special Warfare with extensive combat operations experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. He served as a JTAC, Intelligence Analyst, Lead Breacher, Communications Specialist and various other qualifications for his team.

Alex Fichtler

A 9 year Navy SEAL combat veteran, Alex Fitchler served in multiple disciplines throughout the SEAL teams from Machine Gunner, Assaulter, Squad Leader, Lead Sniper, Pointman, Communications expert, Intel Specialist, and Master Training Specialist. Today, he is a Senior Security Operations Manager at Aurora Innovation as well as a Partner at Defense Strategies Group and the Tactical Strength Director at MTNTOUGH Fitness Labs.

Don Tran

Don Tran is a former Marine Raider (US Marine Special Operations) and Water Survival Instructor. He served as an infantryman for 4 years and 8 years with the Raiders with 6 deployments to the conflicts in the middle wast and pacific. Don left active duty in January 2018 and now runs an aquatic fitness and mindset program called Deep End Fitness, is the co-author of "F.R.E.E. Your Mind", and coaches elite athletes to improve their focus, efficient movement, breath control, and mental fortitude.


Kaj Larsen served five years active duty as a US Navy Seal. As a Lieutenant, he led a team of special warfare personnel in covert operations overseas in support of the Global War on terrorism. He continues his service as a SEAL reserve officer assigned to US Special Operations Command. After leaving active duty, Kaj went on to pursue an illustrious career in filmmaking. His reporting is distinguished by his in-field and in-depth examination around conflict zones, national security, and criminal justice.

“I've been searching for the best option for my outdoor lifestyle and I've finally found the perfect solution with the Tactical Pant that combines the quality and functionality of the Ten Thousand brand with my needs climbing a mountain, shooting on range, and training for real life scenarios."



“The Tactical Pant is exceptionally durable. I beat these pants up while in the mountains for hours on end or while wrestling 250+ lbs cattle to the ground. And guess what? Not a scratch or tear. I'll wear these pants anywhere and everywhere because they will perform time and time again."



“I wear these pants everywhere from training at the range to hiking, and even around town. It's the most versatile pant I've ever seen withstand my rugged lifestyle. I normally hate the feel of standard tactical pants and I've blown out every other athletic pant that I've owned... until now."



“The Tactical Pant takes the unmatched mobility and durability of the Tactical Short and creates a new product for all the ways I train and navigate civilian life. Whether I'm running around town or heading out on an expedition, this pant combines all the features I need to ensure confidence in my gear."



“Not only are the Tactical Pants comfortable for all day wear, but they hold up in challenging environments from the freezing temperatures of the Montana backcountry to the hot dry summer climate on the ranch. These pants out perform my similar weight pants I own.”




When creating a pant functional enough to meet the demands of military life but comfortable enough to be worn all day every day, there were a few non-negotiables. The pants had to be durable enough to stand up to the constant friction and pressure from rucksacks and the unpredictability of the terrain yet provide a full range of motion to create ultimate versatility. And just like the rest of our Tactical Line, it had to meet the specific needs of the military community: easy to wash, ultra-tough, secure pockets, permanently odor free, convenient and comfortable, and more. The Tactical Pant addresses all of this, establishing itself as the ideal pant for men who not only train, but also live, with military intensity.


When developing the Tactical Pant, the biggest challenge was finding a heavy-duty fabric durable enough for the demands of military life but comfortable enough to be worn anywhere and everywhere, for hours on end, day after day. While a hard dichotomy to navigate, we were able to find just the right balance with a 4-way stretch, canvas fabric that allows for a perfect fit and full range of motion but stands up to the harsh wear and tear of our wear testers' physically taxing lifestyles.

  • 4-way stretch canvas fabric provides the ultimate mix of durability and range of motion
  • Ultra-durable fabric scored above industry standard for abrasion resistance
  • Fabric treated with DWR provides superior water repellency
  • Reinforced belt loops to ensure longevity
  • Incorporation of knee darts and gusset to provide full range of motion


When working with the former Navy SEALS, Army Rangers and Marine Raiders on our wear-testing team, we examined the pain points of their current tactical pant operations to create a product that fills a major hole. While they had a handful of indestructible pants designed to stand up to harsh conditions, there was not a single pair that was comfortable or sleek enough for all day, everyday wear... Until now.

  • Midnight fabric for optimal performance in a variety of temperatures and conditions
  • Quick drying and treated with permanent anti-odor technology allows for active use and multiple wears before washing
  • Side adjuster tabs ensure a secure, perfect fit
  • Grey man design allows you to retain a casual look without sacrificing functionality


The guys we built the Tactical Pant for live the same way they train: with intensity, purpose, and readiness for the unpredictable. That's why we worked with our team of Special Ops Forces members to create a product that excels in everything they encounter. From pockets, to zippers, and waistbands, we obsessed over every single detail of the Tactical Pant and incorporated features that serve the wide ranging needs of our wear testers.

  • Superior stability waistband designed to support concealed carry and lay flat to prevent chafing from packs or rucks
  • Reinforced front pocket for knife storage
  • Two zip close, no bounce utility pockets hold your phone and other essentials
  • Hidden back zip pocket for discreet and secure storage


The Ten Thousand Pro Line is a collection of gear designed for the needs of specialized training. The Tactical Pant is the second addition to the Pro Line's Tactical collection, designed and tested in collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces in order to deliver the ultimate combination of durability, mobility, and versatility.