1,000 community members, 1 shirt. The Ten Thousand Community put the Seamless Shirt through thousands of field tests across the country to get us the feedback we needed to make this product the best it can be.

Ten Thousand was never about making the flashiest gear, it has always and will always continue to be about making the best gear for anything you want to do. When it came to rolling out the Seamless Shirt, we wanted to get real-life feedback from the people who would be using it the most. Instead of having one of our athletes take the gear for a test, we opened it up to the community. We thought of it like a series of connected Field Tests. One thousand actual people taking this product for a spin would tell us everything we needed to know about the success of our product.


We knew it was a risk, we knew that with 1,000 people taking this shirt for a spin across a variety of modalities, we might not get the results we wanted, even after the many plans and tests that led to this design.


What can we say? We were inspired by our own community who push themselves to the point of failure all the time in the pursuit of new strength.


Simply put: we were ready to fail.

At the same time: we were thrilled with the results.

"The shirt took every rep and was ready for more."

- Tony N.


The community came through. Shoes were laced up, miles were covered, heart rates skyrocketed, and new PRs were set. When we got the survey results back, we were impressed. We knew we wanted the shirt to be comfortable enough to take to the gym without being uncomfortable from seams or frustrated from the construction breaking down. We wanted and designed the Seamless shirt for durability rep after rep.


Our biggest piece of feedback was that this shirt was ultra-breathable. The numbers don’t lie - breathability was the most effective quality according to the community. The TR1 Seamless Knit Machine takes the gold medal in Seamless construction; it’s the perfect marriage of strong and smart construction and ultimately it mirrored the smart and strong work being done out in the community. We knew the shirt would be made using leading technology, but to see the community put it to the test with high rates of running and HIIT solidified the innate breathability that comes from this kind of construction.

"This shirt wears like mesh. It was perfect to take to the track"

- Sean K.

We’ll be honest with you - there’s still room for growth. When you compare us to our competitors, we’re miles ahead but that’s not good enough for us. You know us. We’re always trying to be better than yesterday and this field test proved to us that we can still improve on the structure over time. We want to deliver gear that holds up consistently and with a community willing to hold us accountable, we can’t wait to show you the next iteration of the Seamless Shirt.


The Speed Project

field test

If you try to make sense of The Speed Project the way you would a sanctioned race - route, water stations, Biofreeze booths, where to watch - you won’t be able to. That’s the entire point. When they say #NORULES they mean it. There’s only one goal - to get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas as fast as possible.

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