When we designed our Set Short, our goal was to make a short that could easily transition between land and water. We didn’t want swim trunks that sort-of worked on land or a pair of shorts that would be awkward underwater. We wanted the absolute best of both worlds and we made it: a perfect hybrid short. To test this one out, Ten Thousand athlete Grant McCartney designed a workout to be done right in the tideline, on what is both land and sea simultaneously.


The ideation of the Set Short started with the idea that water changes everything. We knew we had to test this piece of gear with something that looked simple enough on land but got exponentially harder once water got involved.


The plan?

3 rounds

45 seconds of burpees, 15 seconds of rest

45 seconds of split squat jumps, 15 seconds of rest

45 seconds of mountain climbers, 15 seconds of rest  

And one minute of push ups to finish it off.

As a surfer, Grant is no stranger to the water and knew the challenges that adding even just 6-8 inches of water would bring and he went in with a plan.

“The water actually softens the burpee but the sand grabs the feet when you do the split jumps making it harder. The split jumps are the moment it all gets real, if you do them properly. Mountain climbers are where you should be catching your breath and the burpees are where you can pace the best you can."


The Set Short - our ultimate amphibious short designed with a team of core athletes to seamlessly transition between water and land. Made with an ultra water-repellant shell, a quick-drying liner, and a secure pocket system, this short is guaranteed to stay lightweight, cling-free, and fully functional anywhere you go, making it perfect for a serious training session, an ocean or pool workout, or when you need to pack light for your next trip.

“The Set Shorts are perfect for this water workout. The material throws the water off, and the cut gives you full range of mobility while covering and protecting what you need to."

Moderating his breathing was key. He was sure to take a breath before he entered the water and he offers tuck jumps as a modification for anyone trying this for themselves who might burn out on the split jumps. His pro tip about the sand highlights just how powerful adding a little bit of water can be to your otherwise routine training. Grant adds water to his workouts to help him train for surfing, but you don’t have to be a big wave surfer to benefit from this kind of calculated breath and focus.

"The workout is so much fun because the water decides when you can take a breath, not you. You have to practice coordinated breath work, while under fatigue."


Refining a fight-or-flight response has benefits across the board, both for other athletic training but also in keeping your stress levels down in your day-to-day life. We know these hybrid workouts have high levels of stress built into them, so we were thrilled when Grant reported back that the Set Shorts were stress-free.