Field Test:
Midweight Tech Hoodie

Product: Midweight Tech Hoodie (Pullover)

Training: functional fitness

Location: New York City

Anthony Crouchelli

  • Master/Founding Trainer of GRIT & AMPD Academy
  • Former Professional Soccer Player in the Netherlands
  • 40 Yard Dash PR: 4.7s
  • 5K PR: 17:50
  • Fastest time to throw 100 punches: 28.7s
  • Fitness Expert for Well & Good
  • Master’s of Science in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology

The challenge

Warm enough for morning runs but breathable enough for indoor training sessions, the Midweight Tech Hoodie is ready to take on any challenge in any condition. Constructed with a proprietary fabric that combines performance tech with premium, comfortable cotton, this hoodie is the best of both worlds. So whether you’re commuting to the gym, warming up for your hardest sessions, or recovering post-workout, you can be confident this versatile and reliable midlayer will excel before, during, and after training.

Navigating Manhattan’s city streets, Anthony is pounding the pavement from sunup to sundown. Chilly one-on-one outdoor personal training sessions, cramped subway rides, and sweltering classes at one of New York’s premier group fitness studios demand a versatile layer that can perform every day, everywhere. We had Anthony put the hoodie through a full day in the concrete jungle, including one of his signature boxing workouts.


  • Jump Rope Skips- 90 seconds (5 sets)
  • Footwork Ladder Drills- :45 on/:15 off (5 sets)
  • Shadow Box (Medium Intensity): 3:00 rounds ( 3 rounds)

Section A

  • Breakdown of Combo of the Day: 1-2-3-2-5-6-3-2-5-2-3-2
    • 1 = Jab
    • 2 = Cross
    • 3 = Lead Hook
    • 4 = Rear Hook
    • 5 = Lead Uppercut
    • 6 = Rear Uppercut
  • Banded Run Through of Combo: 1:00 on/ :20 OFF (6 min block)
  • Shadow Run Through of Combo + Plyometric Response: Combo + Footwork Drill (6min Block)
  • Run the 6, Run the Combo: 3:00 Rounds/ :30 Rest (3 Rounds)

Section B

  • Push: Wide-Narrow-Explosive Pushup Combo: 5 each Hand Position (1:00 AMRAP/:30 REC) 5 Rounds
  • Pull: DB Renegade Iso-Full Row: 8-10 Reps (4 Sets)
  • Push: Elevated Block Incline Pushups: 20 reps (5 sets)
  • Pull: Descending to Ascending Scale Pull ups: 10/8/6/4/2/4/6/8/10

Section C

  • Banded Sprints: :45 on/ :15 recovery
  • Banded Lateral Step Outs: :45on/ :15 recovery
  • Banded Slips and Rolls: :45/ :15 recovery
  • Banded Up Downs: :30on/ :15 recovery

Section D

  • Freestyle: Go in for 3 Min on the Bag. Utilize the Combo of the Day, and focus on footwork

The Verdict


This hoodie is essential for boxers. Lightweight, breathable, and does not cut off any range of motion throughout movement like other hoodies I’ve worn. Going 10 rounds on the bag with this hoodie I was expecting to feel disgusting and drenched but the wicking technology is incredible.

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Field Test:
Midweight Tech Hoodie

Gabe Snow

Product: Midweight Tech Hoodie (Pullover)

Training: functional fitness

Location: New York City

"The fluidity of this hoodie is unparalleled."