Field Test:
Midweight Tech Hoodie

Product: Midweight Tech Hoodie (Pullover)

Training: functional fitness

Location: New York City

Gabe Snow

  • Spartan Master Coach
  • FITOPS Foundation Instructor + Honorary CVFO (Certified Veteran Fitness Operative)
  • Founder/CEO: LionHEARTEDHealth
  • BS Psychology / Neuroscience
  • Men's NPC multi-division NQ (nationally qualified) Competitor
  • Former Collegiate (DII) Football Player

The challenge

Warm enough for morning runs but breathable enough for indoor training sessions, the Midweight Tech Hoodie is ready to take on any challenge in any condition. Constructed with a proprietary fabric that combines performance tech with premium, comfortable cotton, this hoodie is the best of both worlds. So whether you’re commuting to the gym, warming up for your hardest sessions, or recovering post-workout, you can be confident this versatile and reliable midlayer will excel before, during, and after training.

Constantly reinventing himself, Gabe embodies versatility. As an NPC nationally qualified bodybuilder and elite personal trainer in New York City, he is constantly shifting gears, moving from powerlifting to bodybuilding to endurance cycling. From his bike commute from Brooklyn into Manhattan to his total body burner after training his clientele, Gabe put his hoodie through its paces to test its merits as a go-anywhere, do-anything training essential.

Power Series

Perform 3 sets; 8 reps per arm:

• DB Clean

• Single Arm Push Press

Hypertrophy Complex

Perform 3 sets; 10-12 reps:

DB Crush Chest press, superset with push up

• Pull-up, superset with beast to extended plank

Seated overhead Press, superset with beast to extended plank

Core Integration

Perform 3 sets; 12-15 reps:

Single Arm DB Chest press

Single Arm DB Renegade Row

Single Arm DB Snatch

• Pull to stand Rope Climb (progress to full Rope Climb)

The Verdict


The hoodie is smooth. Not just in it's touch, feel and appearance. But it moves with you through every rep. It hugs without feeling restrictive and gives you confidence to push as aggressively as you need without being held back by the fabric. The fluidity of this hoodie is unparalleled.

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Field Test:
Midweight Tech Hoodie

Reinhard Nel

Product: Midweight Tech Hoodie (Pullover)

Training: CrossFit

Location: Austin TX

"This is hands down the best performance hoodie out there."