Field Test:
Midweight Tech Hoodie

Product: Midweight Tech Hoodie (Pullover)

Training: CrossFit

Location: Austin TX

Reinhard Nel

  • Onnit Coach, Master Trainer, and Founder of TREIGINING DAY program
  • Former Training Manager and Head of Development at Dogpound
  • Gym Jones Certified Instructor  
  • Trap Bar Deadlift PR: 705 lbs
  • Ski Erg 1000M: 2:58
  • Row 500m: 1:18
  • Power Clean PR: 340 lbs

The challenge

Warm enough for morning runs but breathable enough for indoor training sessions, the Midweight Tech Hoodie is ready to take on any challenge in any condition. Constructed with a proprietary fabric that combines performance tech with premium, comfortable cotton, this hoodie is the best of both worlds. So whether you’re commuting to the gym, warming up for your hardest sessions, or recovering post-workout, you can be confident this versatile and reliable midlayer will excel before, during, and after training.

Whether he’s spending a full day coaching and programming or ripping the handles off the ski-erg, Reinhard needs his gear to perform and be comfortable during long days. We asked Rein to run his hoodie through a day in his life as one of Austin’s most popular trainers.

Workout (20 Rounds)

• Dual KB complex x 5/5/5/5 (swings/cleans/push press/squat)

• Sandbag Over Shoulder: 6 reps

• Ski Erg x 10 cal sprint (sub 20 sec pace)

• Rest 60 sec between rounds


• 10-1 burpee ladder

• 20m farmer carry between each @ 2x 32kg kettlebell

The Verdict


This is hands down the best performance hoodie out there. It’s comfortable, never feels like it’s weighing me down, holds up to my performance standards, and is durable enough to be put through any workout.

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Field Test:
Midweight Tech Hoodie

Gabe Snow

Product: Midweight Tech Hoodie (Pullover)

Training: functional fitness

Location: New York City

"The fluidity of this hoodie is unparalleled."