Field Test:
Interval Pant

Product: Interval Pant

Training: functional fitness

Location: Tampa

Anthony Diaz


  • Double Murph completed in under 2 hours
  • 10,000 kettlebell swings completed in 14 days
  • Former college football player

The challenge

Designed to get you through, from, and to your toughest workout, we reinvented the Interval Pant V2 to ensure it’s ready to perform in all conditions. Following thousands of hours of training logged and months spent collecting, reviewing and incorporating customer feedback, we’ve added features that make the pant stronger, better-fitting, and more versatile than ever before. Anthony Diaz knows how to put his gear to the test. A full-time paralegal by training, he’s an avid CrossFitter and fitness fanatic who has run a half marathon with a 20 lb weight vest, completed a sub-two hour Double Murph, and completed 10,000 Kettlebell swings in 14 days in 2020 alone. We had him put the Interval Short to the test in a workout that put the Interval Pant V2 through speed and strength work.

Workout (8 rounds for time):

• 400 meter run

• 50 double unders

• 20 alt DB snatches

• 10 burpees

Totals: 2 miles ran, 400 double unders, 160 alt DB Snatches (80/arm), 80 burpees


During Workout:

Hydrate with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)/electrolytes/carbohydrates


  • 20 min static stretching and mobility flow targeting muscle groups stressed during the workout.
  • Ice bath
  • Normatec Compression Boots for legs
  • Shake or meal with a balance of clean protein and carbohydrates

The Verdict


“They’re the only jogger pants I own. I live in Florida, and they’re light enough to wear on a hot summer day with no discomfort. I can hit a heavy front squat without my pants riding down, and the fabric is so stretchy I can move freely without being restricted.”

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Field Test:
Interval Pant

Dom Dixon

Product: Interval Pant

Training: crossfit

Location: West Virginia

“They’re easily the most mobile pants I’ve ever worn.”