Field Test:
Interval Pant

Product: Interval Pant

Training: crossfit

Location: West Virginia

Dom Dixon

  • Founder/Owner of BrickBuilt Strength
  • Exercise Science Degree
  • CrossFit Coach
  • Deadlift PR: 600 lbs
  • Power Clean PR: 325 lbs
  • Snatch PR: 275 lbs

The challenge

Designed to get you through, from, and to your toughest workout, we reinvented the Interval Pant V2 to ensure it’s ready to perform in all conditions. Following thousands of hours of training logged and months spent collecting, reviewing and incorporating customer feedback, we’ve added features that make the pant stronger, better-fitting, and more versatile than ever before. Dom Dixon knows how to put his gear to the test. A former collegiate football player and Founder of BrickBuilt Strength, Dom isn’t afraid to take his gear through punishing lifts.

Workout (8 rounds for time):

• 12 Barbell back rack lunges

• 9 Barbell thrusters

• 6 burpees over bar

• 25 double unders



  • 5 min easy assault bike spin or walk while hydrating with water plus branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)
  • 20 min static stretching and mobility flow targeting muscle groups stressed during the workout.
  • Recovery shake with mix of protein and carbohydrates


The Verdict


“I’ve worn a lot of pants during training that started to weigh me down the more I sweat, but not these! They stayed dry and fitted to the body, they’re easily the most mobile pants I’ve ever worn. When you think of training pants, you think thick and restricting. These pants are the opposite: light, cool and durable! I could train in these pants and still get after it. Go grab you a pair and get to work!”

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Field Test:
Interval Pant

Anthony Diaz

Product: Interval Pant

Training: functional fitness

Location: Tampa

“The fabric is so stretchy, I can move freely without being restricted.”