Field Test:
Midweight Tech Hoodie

Product: Midweight Tech Hoodie (Pullover)

Training: crossfit

Location: Salt Lake City

Chris Holt

  • Fitness Program Director at CrossFit EMC and Brainstride.
  • Completed Double Murph for Ten Thousand and Mens Health in 2020
  • Completed 1000 strict Dips
  • Completed "Clovis" unpartitioned
  • Completed "The Iron Triathlon"
  • BA in Architecture from University of Miami (FL)
  • Founder of the second CrossFit affiliate in Miami in 2008

The challenge

Warm enough for morning runs but breathable enough for indoor training sessions, the Midweight Tech Hoodie is ready to take on any challenge in any condition. Constructed with a proprietary fabric that combines performance tech with premium, comfortable cotton, this hoodie is the best of both worlds. So whether you’re commuting to the gym, warming up for your hardest sessions, or recovering post-workout, you can be confident this versatile and reliable midlayer will excel before, during, and after training.

As the Fitness Program Director at CrossFit EMC and Brainstride, Chris is constantly going back and forth the CrossFit box and his home outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. For an athlete who notoriously programs grueling and seemingly endless workouts that he completes “for fun”, we asked Chris to take his hoodie through his commute, warmup, one of his signature grinders, and cool down.

Warmup (3-5 Rounds)

60 seconds easy jump rope

4 hamstring scoop dynamic stretches

4 walking lunge + dynamic hip stretch

4 lateral lunge dynamic stretches

10 straight arm banded lat pull downs

5 pushups

3 strict pull-ups

Main Set

1 Mile Jog “buy-in”

20 Rounds of:

Assault Bike - 20 calories

Ring Muscle Ups - 5 reps

1 Mile Jog “cash-out”

The Verdict


This hoodie is made of materials I've never seen in any of the hoodies I’ve had before. For me, it's the little details - the logo on the drawstring and cuffs, the fit, and the perfect hood shape. Which feels very much like a Jedi hood which is DOPE!

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Field Test:
Midweight Tech Hoodie

Gabe Snow

Product: Midweight Tech Hoodie (Pullover)

Training: functional fitness

Location: New York City

"The fluidity of this hoodie is unparalleled."