Field Test:
Over Zip

Product: Over Zip

Training: functional fitness

Location: Crested Butte

Ryan Hall

  • Two-time Olympic Marathoner (2008 Beijing, 2012 London)
  • Marathon PR: 2:04:58
  • Half Marathon PR: 59:43
  • Deadlift PR: 470 lbs
  • Bench PR: 305 lbs
  • Squat PR: 415 lbs

The challenge

Introducing Version 2.0. Revamped from the ground up, our new and improved Over Zip V2 is the perfect layer for warm-ups, cool-downs, and those way-to-early morning sessions. The Over Zip V2 uses a Polartec Power Grid™ fabric with geometric patterns on the inside of the fabric for increasing warmth and breathability, while also reducing mass to minimize weight. And since it’s built for movement, we integrated a minimal built-in stuff sack on the back that makes it easy to keep as part of your kit no matter where you’re headed. To put the Over Zip to the test, we collaborated with some of our top athletes that refuse to let adverse weather derail their training. As the temperatures dropped, they turned to the Over Zip V2 to keep them warm for some of their toughest outdoor sessions.

After retiring as the most accomplished and successful US marathoner in history, Ryan Hall knew it was time for a change. Completely reinventing his own training style, Hall now focuses on strength and functional fitness. Hitting heavy lifts in the gym and always on the go to coach various runners across the country, Ryan needs a warm and lightweight layer for warmups and chilly outdoor coaching sessions. We asked him to put The Over Zip V2 to work at a recent stay in Crested Butte, CO.


  • Easy Jog - 5 minutes
  • Dynamic Flexibility - 15 minutes (as needed)
  • Push Ups - 30 reps

Main Set (20 Minute AMRAP):

  • Sprint up the hill while holding a rock to chest
  • Rock throws (overhead med ball throws for height) - 3 reps
  • Log Military press - to failure
  • Rock Overhead walk down the hill

Cool Down:

  • Easy Jog - 5 Minutes
  • Ice or Cold River Bath - 10 minutes

The Verdict


Versatility comes to mind after getting to test Ten Thousand’s Over Zip V2. For how light this thing is, it keeps me toasty whether I’m riding my bike alongside one of my athletes while they hit a tempo run or warming up in the gym. I love the feel of the fabric both to the touch and on my body. It never seems to get too heavy, even when soaked in sweat, and has the breathability to go nuts in the gym or out on a run and not overheat. Looks great too!

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Field Test:
Over Zip

Austin Rowe

Product: Over Zip

Training: crossfit

Location: Denver

“The new Polartec fabric completely flips this thing on its head.”