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The Red Hook Crit / Brooklyn / 2017

The Red Hook Crit

Done after dark, on a uniquely challenging course along the cobblestone streets of its namesake Brooklyn neighborhood, The Redhook Crit held it’s 10th annual race day. The first bike race was for a few dozen fixed-geared riders to celebrate founder David Trimble’s 26th birthday, but today it’s a high-octane charge around Red Hook by some of the best racers in the game. Six years ago the organizers added a 5K run as a warm up to the main biking event, but that too has become an almost gladiatorial spectacle of the world’s best run clubs, from Black Roses NYC to the West Side Runners and more. Both the run and the bike race are famously competitive, with huge, cheerleading crowds only adding to the atmosphere.

Red Hook Crit

We got together a bunch of our fastest buddies and created Decem Milia Run Club, to compete in this year's 5k running race. After watching the bike qualifying, the team took a warm up run around the parking lot and did some pre-race stretching. This was the first race for a lot of the crew, so the excitement was matched with a lot of nervous laughter.

Red Hook Crit

Under the watchful eye of Lady Liberty, the 10th annual Red Hook Crit 5K race kicked off just before sunset. Race teams came from across the globe and included big names like the West Side Runners, the Henwood Hounds, New York Athletic Club. Over the next four laps, the sense of excited camaraderie quickly turned into stubborn determination and on to utter exhaustion.

    Red Hook Crit

    Between the hundreds of runners, the packed crowds, and tight turns, the Red Hook Crit 5K is an unusually technical race and you had to know where to turn on the jets and where to shave off speed. Slowing down into the corners uses an amazing amount of energy compared to running straight through a marathon and even the most experienced runners had to adapt.

    "The RHC is such a unique race. It's unlike anything I've been part of in all the racing I've done. Having it all in a small location creates an amazing energy and the perfect location to see what you've got to give on that day. We couldn't have asked for a better inaugural race for Decem Milia. The only question now is can we all PR this thing next year?!" 

    -Keith Nowak, CEO, Ten Thousand

    Red Hook Crit

    From a starting group of 316, Decem Milia member Skyler Mosenthal placed 24th at 16 minutes 43 seconds, followed by three other teammates in the top 150 runners. The relief of finishing and shock at the difficulty and technical skill required for a 5K was etched on all of the runners’ faces. Most of the Decem Milia crew are used to crushing it in triathlons and ultra marathons, so struggling through a 5K was a sobering moment.

    Red Hook Crit

    Decem Milia brought to you by Bespoke Physical Therapy, Endurance Squad, Rove, Swerve, Hard Boiled Holistics, WellWell, Seamore’s, and Street Soccer USA— a big shoutout to our rockstar sponsors who made it happen.