David Vanadia

French artist David Vanadia distills complex ideas into bold, simple illustrations. This drew us to connect with him and explore the "Day One Mentality" - a mindset that we, as athletes, use to approach each day and training session. Be curious, nimble, and experimental without the baggage, preconceived notions, or other B.S. that holds us back. When the mind is clear, the body is unhindered. What he created was spot-on - a finger to represent day one, and the head representing mentality. By wearing this kit, it's a reminder to consistently practice this philosophy, as it's the key to unlocking our greatest potential.

“The link between mental and physical energy is an interesting concept to explore - it's core to every high-performing athlete. I wanted to express this mind/body connection which pushes us to treat each day like a blank canvas.”



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