Indestructible Edition


Ask any great champion about the key to their success, they'll tell you something like, "Keep pushing when your back's against the wall." "Don't listen to the haters, just outwork them." "Stay in the saddle." This perseverance, this undying commitment to improving day after day is at the heart of the all-new Indestructible Edition.

There is perhaps no better athlete, then, to be the face of this exclusive collection than UFC Light Heavyweight contender Khalil Rountree Jr. Prior to becoming one of the sport's most electric performers, Khalil overcame tremendous hardship and transformed his life with an unbreakable work ethic and mindset.

Kit up now in the Interval Short and Versatile Shirt with an "Indestructible" spell-out graphic.


When will my order arrive?

All orders will be printed-to-order and shipped within two to three weeks. 

Why will it take two weeks?

Since everything is printed-to-order with the limited edition graphics at the time of your purchase, it can take us at least two weeks to print the gear and get your gear in your hands. 

Is there a size chart?

Yes. Click on the Find Your Fit button next to each product above to check out measurements and photos for each size. Please note this before purchasing as items on this pop-up store are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Can I return or exchange my items?

All limited edition gear sales are final and not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Who should I contact with questions?

Please reach out to with any questions about your order. 

Why didn't my coupon/discount code work?

Limited edition gear is not eligible for coupons or discounts from the main Ten Thousand store.