The Wake-Up Call

A limited edition collaboration
While supplies last

We all need a kick in the ass every once in a while. Over time, resistance builds, calcifies, and keeps us from progressing. To help you flip the switch and break through to the next level, we created a special “Wake-Up Call” message from former SEAL, Ray “Cash” Care. It’s not polite or kind, but it hits hard and will push you to give just a little more today. Check it out: pick up the phone and dial 212-BTY-2500.

To keep this message top of mind grab one of a very limited run of shirts emblazoned with this phone number and the address of Ten Thousand HQ — the home of those willing to push themselves past their preconceived limitations. This shirt is a daily reminder to flip the switch and put in the work every single day. Wear it with pride and push to become Better Than Yesterday.

NOTE: All Wake-Up Call products are final sale and not eligible for return.

About Ten Thousand

Our product

The only workout shorts you’ll ever need

No BS. No gimmicks. No endless scrolling through indistinguishable products. We pared back our line to just the essentials, creating a system of gear that’s perfectly designed for all the ways you train.

Our mantra

Better Than Yesterday

We don’t believe in overnight success, miracle drugs, cure-alls, quick-fixes or short-cuts. We believe in works in progress. We believe in the value of our failures. We believe in dusting off, and getting back up. We believe in grit, tenacity and grinding. Every day faster, every day stronger, every day better than yesterday.


How does this work?

The Ten Thousand Wake-Up Call collab pop up site will accept orders of the limited edition gear while supplies last. Your order will be shipped within 2-3 weeks.

Is there a size chart?

Yes. Click on the Find Your Fit button next to each product above to check out measurements and photos for each size. For more information on measurements for the Interval Pant, please see the Tech Specs section.

Can I return or exchange my items?

All collaboration/limited edition gear sales are final and Ten Thousand does not accept returns or exchanges.

Who should I contact with questions?

Please check out our Help Center at

Why didn't my coupon/discount code work?

Collaboration/limited edition gear is not eligible for coupons or discounts from the main Ten Thousand store.