Fight Short Field Test

Richie Van Houten’s fitness resume is impressive: a former professional MMA fighter, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt, and brown belt No-Gi world champ, he now owns and operates his own gym in Hoboken. Newer to the Ten Thousand athlete team, Richie stresses he’s been wearing Ten Thousand gear for far longer than the five months he’s been with the company and he was absolutely stoked to take the Fight Shorts through a proper Field Test. He’s got a hyper-specific list of requirements for his gear and we’re hoping the Fight Shorts exceed all the expectations.

“I’ve probably tried every MMA/grappling short over the years. These are the real deal.”

“The three things I look for in a grappling short are: fit, comfort, and durability. Am I able to move freely? How do they feel during a long session? And how do the shorts last from wear and tear?”

Luckily for Richie, our goals align exactly.

Richie calls in another impressive fighter to kit up in the Fight Shorts and train alongside him. Opposite Gianni Grippo, Black Belt No-Gi World Champ, Richie grapples. According to Richie, it’s immediately apparent that these shorts are the real deal.

“Once I put it on, I felt light, which is what you want to feel when you’re doing anything MMA-based. The liner and gripper hems are super secure - so the fit is just right, but the shorts themselves feel loose, which is perfect.”

For good measure and for full range of motion, Richie drills kickboxing techniques with Roberto Baschieri, Muay Thai World Champ, holding the pads for him. The shorts allow him to fully embody the movement. The double-combo of the side slits and the warp-knit gusset allowed the full range of motion that Richie craves when he’s looking for new gear.

“Everything feels intact and super loose, not restrictive at all.”

After the Field Test, as Richie is recounting the experience, he remarks on just how unique these Fight Shorts are. He’s taken to wearing them in his daily conditionining sessions, classes and even around town. He can’t stop telling other people about the product, either.

“These shorts check all the boxes. I’ve been wearing them a bunch, and I’ve given them to a lot of the grapplers I know. They all love them.”

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