For this field test, we wanted to see how the Tactical Short stood up to a test of endurance. Tucker Witt ran 1.5 miles every hour on the hour for a full day over Memorial Day weekend in one pair of shorts. The one thing we couldn’t plan for? The weather. It kicked off in less-than-ideal conditions.

“Our first mile was run in a severe rainstorm in which we saw some crazy lightning - beautiful and terrifying."


Not an ideal way to start the challenge, by any means, but nothing stops nature so Tucker and the rest of the team completing the challenge had to roll with it. Tucker’s shirt, shoes, socks, and shorts were immediately soaked, despite the beauty of the storm. Still, the shorts stayed lightweight, even in the intense downpour, drying quickly so Tucker wouldn’t be weighed down or uncomfortable.

“It ended up being about 90 and humid by 1pm on Saturday so the shorts went through the full gambit of weather."

The gear stayed consistent, the four-way stretch ensuring that it stayed in place with no chafing, even as the weather dramatically shifted.


The Tactical Short - go anywhere, do anything, dream big, and make it happen. Built for extreme training or in this case, extreme challenges. Designed and tested with members of the U.S. Military Special Operations Forces, this piece of gear doesn’t mess around which makes it the perfect piece to push to the ultimate limit.


Tucker wasn’t starting each segment alone and the camaraderie was an added bonus. Together, they read a Medal of Honor citation before they ran each section, adding emotional weight in memory and also as fuel for the task at hand. With the added challenge of a 25lb weight vest that was traded off between the runners throughout the day, the physical weight started to take a toll on Tucker’s knees.


There comes a point in every endurance test where it comes down to just the athletes and the gear. For Tucker, that breaking point was overnight.

“The early morning hours of Saturday were probably the toughest. It was dark and lonely."

While everyone started at the same time, they weren’t running at the same pace. Tucker admits the challenge was harder to complete than he originally thought, but the dependability of the gear made all the difference. At no point was he uncomfortable, one less worry in his mind so he could focus his entire attention on the task at hand.


Once again, the Tactical Short proved it was up for the extreme challenge, cementing itself as the pinnacle of both fit and function. “I wore the same pair of shorts for all 24 hours. I never once wished I was wearing another pair of shorts.”