Filson Field Test

At Ten Thousand, all our gear is built for toughness. The Versatile Shirt, Tactical Short, and the Training Crew Sock are some of those products. We designed this gear to be strong enough for the first responders whose fitness is absolutely essential to not only their own lives, but the lives around them as well. You can wear this gear to the gym, you could wear it on an off-trail hike, you can wear it on the job, and our dream was that it would wear the same no matter where you are. The only thing left to do was put the gear to the test, and we knew Alex Fitchler was the man for the job.

Former Navy SEAL Alex Fitchler is constantly putting his mental and physical endurance to the test. Every single day in August, he carried 125 pounds one mile up and one mile down a mountain, and that’s just a typical month for him. Discipline is in his bones. We knew if we handed him this kit, he would attack this workout with his whole body, mind, and soul. Double-checking, triple-checking, and quadruple-checking wouldn’t be enough. Alex designed a five-round workout to put not only the gear but himself to the test.

5 Rounds:


  • 50m Sprint
  • 20 Steel Mace Tire Slams (10 on each side)
  • 1 minute 6-pound Jump Rope
  • 50m Tire Flip

Designed to work across all three planes of motion and work out every muscle in his body, Alex would know how the gear pivoted and stretched. He’d be able to speak to every part of the design: durability, versatility, mobility, and comfort. After he got through all of it, he wasn’t surprised at how well the gear performed.


“I think everything Ten Thousand does is top notch. This follows suit; it’s all awesome gear.”


For Alex, mobility is key. The liners on the shorts never rode up but they also didn’t restrict his movement. It was the perfect blend of security and freedom. It was everything he was looking for to be able to get through not only this workout, but any of the highly strenuous work he does all the time.


“Even the socks performed well. Top gear performance.”

alex's Kit