APRIL 2021


WORK:005 was 8 minutes to complete 100 Calories on an Assault Bike. At the completion of the 100 calories on the bike, athletes completed as many repetitions of hand stand push ups as possible in the remaining time.



71 HSPUs

"Another TenThousand Work is in the books. My third win so far! It was a workout that I really enjoyed even though handstand push ups aren't really my jam!

Thank you Jared and TenThousand.cc for giving us this great opportunity to compete. Can't wait for the next one!" - Lazar













76% / 24%



In the past four WORK events, we've seen hundreds of competitors from around the world come together. These all-out-effort workouts have given athletes of all levels the chance to challenge themselves and see how they stack up against the rest of the Ten Thousand community.

What do you do for a living? Tell us your story.

The short answer is I am Owner, Operator and Head Coach at SOLA Fitness. A CrossFit and Functional Fitness space in Austin, Texas.
The longer answer is I hold space for people. I am consciously walking alongside our athletes in whatever journey they’re currently on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. I am tirelessly working to create a space in the world where people can pursue and experience health, vitality, stress relief, comradery, friendship, loses and gains. Over the past 8 years this mission has built an entire community where people have the freedom to be vulnerable and weak without the fear of being judged and in that space athletes are able to grow strong.

How do you find time for your fitness as a gym owner, husband and a father of three?

Finding time for my fitness at this point in my life is really tough. Between running the gym, coaching, working with private clients, being a dad and husband just about every minute of my day is fully booked. I'm consistently looking for moments to sneak in some fitness! Whether it's training on my own, working out with my wife or riding bikes with my kids. When I get in a workout I enjoy it and give everything I can. Whether it's 5 minutes or 40 minutes, I count it as a victory. I'm all about quality over quantity these days!

WORK005 certainly seemed like a daunting workout, why did you choose to participate?

We hosted the event at my gym and I always love to jump in on community events when I can. I love to test my limits and see how I stack up against the younger guys! It keeps me honest! The Ten Thousand WORK events are really a prefect opportunity. The workouts are relatively short so I am able to still run the event and jump in on a heat.

After watching your video of the workout, It looked like you went 100%. What kept you motivated when things got difficult?

Hahaha! If it looked like 100% it felt like 200%. Pacing is NOT one of my strong suits! I wanted to make sure that I was the first person off the bike and to the wall. I accomplished that but I was definitely smoked! What kept me motivated is the same thing that motivates me everyday! Looking around and seeing all our athletes smiling, supporting each other and giving everything they had right there at that moment.

During the lockdown in your city, how have you kept fit and active?

Living in Austin, TX we definitely had a few things going for us. First, amazing weather. I did lots of biking, running, trampoline jumping and playing with my kids. Second, we were extremely lucky to be able to open up before most of the country. The gym was only shut down for 9 weeks and we were able to reopen on May 18th. Once we were back in action our athletes were hungry for fitness! Their drive and consistency was super motivating and really inspired me to train frequently.

Why Ten Thousand? What draws you to our gear and our competitions?

First, the gear looks great and I feel really good in it. My attraction to the brand was really solidified after meeting Eric Champ. His story is so inspiring and I loved how the company got behind him and supported him.
We use the WORK competitions for a social event at SOLA. After COVID, WORK004 was our first attempt at an all gym gathering. We were really unsure what turn out would look like but wanted to start providing social outlets to our community again, so we just decided to give it a go. The response has been fantastic and our community is 100% on board. The workouts are doable/scalable for every ability level, so all of our athletes feel welcomed and excited for the challenge.
It has been SO fun to gather again and support each other in a bigger way. We are two events in and our athletes can not wait for the next event!


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