You’ve experienced the successes, the failures, and the triumphs of our athletes as they’ve laid it all on the line. Now, it’s your turn to reward your favorite. Voting for the Feats of Strength Awards is open now through January 25.

Turkish Get-Ups


Mike Aidala set out to break the World Record for Most Weight Lifted in One Hour of Turkish Get-Ups.

Chop Wood, Carry Water

By Ryan Hall

Ryan pushed himself to his personal limits by splitting a cord of wood, taking two 62-lb water jugs down into the Grand Canyon, and farmers’ carrying them back up to the rim – over 5,000 feet of elevation gain.

24 Hours of Pull-Ups

By Michael Eckert

Michael Eckert took on the challenge to break the world record for most pull ups done in 24 hours.

Waimea Rock Run

By Don Tran and Kaj Larsen

Combat veteran Navy SEAL and former Marine Raider, Kaj Larsen and Don Tran took on a five mile underwater ruck with a 45-lb rock.


By Tony Nash

Tony Nash pushed himself through a half marathon on a SkiErg, a full marathon on a BikeErg, a half marathon on a RowErg, and a half marathon on an AssaultRunner.

Central Park FKT

By Robbie Balenger

Robbie Balenger ran to break the most loops around Central Park in one day.

Alaskan Ice Bath

By Grant McCartney

Grant McCartney took on an ice bath and polar swim underneath 30" of ice in Northern Alaska.

Strongman Marathon

By Michael Miraglia

Michael Miraglia created the first ever Strongman Marathon.