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The greatest athletes are those who compete against themselves. They’re their own biggest rivals, and they don’t need to be pushed by others. Instead, these phenomenal competitors are motivated by their own self image, by their own mind, and by their own desire to achieve the seemingly impossible goals they set for themselves. 

Central Park FKT

by Grant McCartney

Seven ultramarathons in four months. A 75 day, 3,200 mile transcontinental run. As a self-described “plant-based ultra endurance athlete,” Robbie Balenger is no stranger to extreme endurance events. This month, he’ll be adding a legendary FKT to his resume. Read More

Alaskan Ice Bath

by Grant McCartney

Grant McCartney is gearing up for the ultimate test of his physical and mental strength: an ice bath and polar swim underneath 30" of ice in Northern Alaska. It’s unlike anything he’s ever done – and you’ve ever seen – before. Read More

Strongman Marathon

by Michael Miraglia

A new marathon is born. Michael Miraglia is setting his sights on a challenge that has never been completed, let alone attempted. Read More