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Field Test:
Foundation Short

Product: Foundation Short,

Training: functional fitness

Location: San Diego

Scott Mathison

  • Fitness model, trainer, actor, and entrepreneur
  • FITPLAN Elite Trainer
  • Freerunner
  • Fitness styles: calisthenics, weights, parkour, and freerunning

The challenge

Every element of the Foundation Short – from its abrasion-resistant fabric to its boardshort drawcord – ensures bombproof durability over the long haul, no matter how you wear it. For athletes like Scott, whose training revolves largely around bodyweight training, distractions aren’t an option. That’s why he needs a short that he can beat up every session but that’s ready to go the next day. Our Foundation Short is built to stand up to the most grueling sessions, and we had Scott put their durability to the test.


  • Inchworm to hip flexor stretch 45s hold/side
  • Hamstring scoops 15 reps/leg
  • Plyo Squat Jump 20 reps
  • Burpees 15 reps

MAIN SET A: Repeat 3x

  • Barbell Squat 15 reps
  • Archer Push-Ups 20 reps
  • Pull-Ups 15 reps
  • Twisting Mountain Climbers 30 reps
  • Alternating DB front Lunges 10 reps each leg


MAIN SET B: Repeat 3x

  • DB Clean and Press 10 reps each arm
  • Bent Over Rows 10 reps each side
  • Diamond Push-Ups 15 reps
  • Full body Crunch 15 reps
  • Jump Tuck 15 reps

MAIN SET C: Repeat 3x

  • Alternating DB Side/Front Raises 20 reps
  • Hindu Push-Ups 20 reps
  • Chin-Ups 15 reps
  • Ab Bicycle 30 reps
  • Burpees 15 reps

The Verdict


Even though I’m rolling on the floor a lot, these shorts work as well as they did on day one. No matter how many times I wear them or wash them, they don’t fray, and they look good day after day.

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Field Test:
Foundation Short

Bobby Maximus

Product: Foundation Short, Distance Shirt

Training: strength

Location: Salt Lake City

"Tough enough to handle anything I throw at them."